Hiring a good tax advisor can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.
If you’re looking for a tax advisor but don’t know how to choose one, use the following tips to help you out:

Decide what you want for your business. Do you want a cheap price to have someone prepare your tax return? Do you want quality information from a tax specialist to help you get the results that you want? It’s your choice.

They have passed a 3-part exam to earn a certification.

Get recommendations from other business

External Tax Advisor, Internal Tax Advisor

As with any other service, references from your contacts can help you find suitable tax advisors. Most business owners don’t mind sharing tax advice with others. They can provide you with contacts based on what they think is best for you.

If you don’t have friends that you admire to provede you with a tax specialists referal, then do an online search for professionals that have an advanced degree in taxation or someone that specialized in your industry that has a great deal of real knowledge about tax matters and tax planning matters. One has to ask why do I want to pay $350 to have my tax return prepared and then pay $4,500 more to the govnment. Why not pay $750 to have your tax return prepared and save $4,500. You have to do an analysis and make a choice.

Getting advice from a CPA before setting up your business

A CPA can offer guidance before you set up a business. They advise you of the consequences of making certain decisions and choosing business entities.

In a sole proprietorship, the owner of the business is responsible for all major decisions and will be held accountable if their employees  fail to follow tax regulations.

External Tax Advisor vs. Internal Tax Advisor

Hiring an external tax advisor on a contract is much cheaper than hiring a full-time tax advisor who you will have to pay a salary and provide benefits to.

External advisors can prepare taxes and financial statements for you. The initial cost of hiring an external advisor may be pricey, however, in the long run it can help you save money.

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