Strategic Business Coaching

Helping You Enrich Company Leadership to Improve Business Strategy, Leadership and Effectiveness

Before you can take the reins of  your business, you’ll have to learn how to identify potential, achievable opportunities and how that  determines the best path to your commercial success.  As a CEO or a manager,   your role is to identify a strategy to achieve your business goals and objectives  and to implement these strategies to redirect the organization to achieve those goals. You’ll need to identify worthwhile goals and also figure out a way to lead and direct your workforce to achieve those goals.  To become a good CEO or a business leader, you must know what to do and how to do it.

To many times we walk into a business where the CEO is insistent that they are doing the best they can do. The business is fine. We just need to make a few adjustments over time. With this approach they are stalling for time hoping something will happen to help the business do better. The whole time the business is off the road and in the bushes. They need some fresh new ideas to get them back on the road, running lean and mean-focused on their proper objectives. Some winning strategies.

Canberra Company is a leading management consulting firm, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California that can help you develop the skills needed to become a successful business administrator.  We work with some of the most successful CEOs in the business world, who have advised  businesses across all operational scales, from a diverse range of industries.

Our services are exclusive to High Net Worth individuals, running businesses in many sectors, such as:

  • Wineries
  • Food Processing
  • Restaurants
  • Farming

Whether you’re looking to enrich employee skills sets and wish to train new managers or if you’re thinking of passing your businesses on to a successor—we can help you prepare the chosen individuals. We’ll impart our skill and expertise to help your company’s management turn into effective leaders in the organization.

You can expect the following advantages if you hire our MBA business coaches:

  • A generation of managers and business leaders who understand and appreciate your business vision.
  • Insights into the shortcomings of your existing management and business processes.
  • An effective management team that resolves any business concerns that comes their way.
  • Trained management advisors that identify and capitalize on potential business advantages.
  • Effective business strategizing across the entire corporate chain of command.
  • Raise your revenues and improve your earnings
  • Streamlined business processes with a laser focused approach

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