Tax Consulting Done For You and Made Easy

Expert Tax Consulting Services to Minimize Your Tax Liabilities

Minimizing your tax liability can help you save a fair bit of money for yourself and your businesses as well. Canberra Company offers expert tax consulting services to identify ways to reduce your tax liabilities on your personal and corporate finances.

We serve High Net Worth individuals and their businesses in many industries, such as the following sectors:

  • Farming
  • Food Processing
  • Restaurants
  • Wineries

Our tax consultants  offer a wide range of tax planning and management services, which include tax preparation, IRS representation and tax liability minimization.  There are numerous ways through which you can reduce your tax burdens and streamline your tax preparation processes to meet your financial obligations and reduce tax amounts.

Some advantages of our services include:

  • Smaller tax liabilities.
  • Identifying investment opportunities for higher returns and lower tax payments.
  • Business management analysis to reduce and eliminate long-term tax liabilities.

We offer these advantages through the use of our tax knowledge and expertise, some methods of reducing your liabilities include:

Splitting Income: Distributing your cumulative earnings among family members or other trusted individuals can shift you to a lower tax bracket and lower your tax liability.

Shifting Your Income: If you pay some of your expenses for the next year in the current year, you can reduce your taxable incomes.

Pension planning, finding the right plan for you: It’s possible to reduce your taxable income if you start investing in a pension fund. With a pension fund, you save more money and retain a larger portion of non-taxable income.

Shifting to Different Tax Categories: You can report your  investment and business returns as capital gains, which are taxed at lower rates.

We use all the possible tools at our disposal to make sure that you have a sound tax planning  strategy that helps you maintain and grow your wealth. Whether you want tax planning  services for your company or yourself, we can manage either type of tax problems.

Need Help with QuickBooks?

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