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It’s quite normal for the IRS to contact you for tax code violations—the IRS Internal Revenue Code is really complicated and the likelihood to be called upon is higher if you’re wealthy. If you don’t respond to these requests, the IRS could file a tax lien against your assets and effectively freeze your financial resources. All things considered, you can still get away with these alleged violations, by properly explaining your position thru experienced professionals but you can’t match the IRS unless you have expert tax consultants representing you.

Our tax professionals are exactly who you need to win your legal battles against the IRS. With our financial expertise and in-depth knowledge of IRS Internal Revenue Code, we can professionally present your information to the IRS representatives and auditors. Legal battles, especially when these involve tax code violations, really come down to who can provide the best interpretation of the tax law .We work with some of the best legal minds in the industry. Our teams with handle everything from paperwork, audit meetings, filing appeals, requesting hearings, audit reconsiderations and applications under CAP (Collection Appeals Program) or CDP (Collections Due Process) as it applies to your case.

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Don’t let the IRS Get the Better of You

The IRS will look for discrepancies in whatever is reported on your income tax return. They’ll try and prove that your revenues don’t sync with your returns— if not professionally represented then that’s how businesses end up owing money unnecessarily to the IRS. It’s a vicious cycle of being in debt that will prove devastating for your business in the long run. Avoid the hassle and the potential future destruction of your business by reaching out to our tax specialists.

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