Tax Planning For Big Savings


We have a team of tax professionals working round the clock in California and Washington DC with tax laws and all its nuances,  the Internal Revenue codes and tax returns, and every speck of change that marks the tax arena. Why do we spend so much time and effort over getting into the nitty-gritty of taxes? Because we know for a fact that tax planning is what helps tax savings. If you’re seeking higher income  and to minimize your tax payments through sound, reliable strategies, come to us to help better plan for your tax obligations.

 Tax planning is a year round event. Come see us and get organized. Our clients keep their businesses up and running and growing steadily by only paying the tax that they’re required by law to pay. We help you  reduce unnecessary tax costs by minimizing your burdens and tax planning for you in advance.  Forward thinking with the right strategy will help you save tax dollars.

Here are a few ways in which tax planning can help you save money:

Lowering Tax Brackets: Split incomes (such as when multiple people run the business) help with minimizing taxes.  Sometimes adding family members to the payroll may help you keep your income in lower tax brackets.

Shifting Income: Shifting your expenses, by paying at the end of the year some of next year’s expenses may help save tax dollars for now, then you have more cash on hand to grow the business.

Deference: You can lower your tax liability via making investments, such as real estate.

Increasing Tax Deductions: Purchase things you need and increase your tax deductions such as supplies, repairs and equipment

Savings Growth: Keeping the savings away from the government’s clutches is one way to keep your invested funds  growing. You can do this with the use of the proper pension plan.

Investment Taxes: Make more money more quickly by reducing your tax rate by turning your earnings into capital gains, which are taxed at a much lower rate than raw business income.

Pay Taxes Later: You can also opt to keep your money for now and pay later through deference.

Estate Taxes: Making an estate plan can help your family save valuable tax dollars. 

Here’s What We Do

A major goal of our tax planning service is that we help you get money back from your tax bill by identifying things that qualify as tax credits. The end goal, therefore, is a monetary boost into your pocket

We are available to help you SAVE.  With Valuable, Important, Up To Date, Reliable Tax Saving Strategies

Give us a call us at (805) 962-1040 or drop us an email. We’re always ready to accommodate your needs.    

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